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Competition Spotlight: CLT Pulse

CLT Pulse is North Carolina’s newest Bollywood-Fusion dance competition and it is here to make its mark! CLT Pulse was created in April 2018 for the purpose of supporting Safe Alliance, a local charity, whose goal is to raise awareness for those that are affected by domestic violence and abuse. Additionally, the founders, Tyriq Fitts, Stuti Joshi, and Riya Bhagat, wanted to create a chance for teams to experience an exciting performance weekend, for those teams that generally do not compete at larger competitions. They believe that Charlotte is the perfect Southeast hub to host a competition, which aspires to strengthen the culture of DDN. Join in on the fun at CLT Pulse on Saturday, March 16, 2019 at UNCC!

Competition Spotlight: Blacksburg Ki Badmaashi

Blacksburg Ki Badmaashi (BKB) is an intercollegiate dance competition that focuses on three Indian dance categories: Bhangra, Fusion, and Raas. In April 2018, members of VT Bhangra, VT Junoon, and VT Dhamaal had a mutual desire to spread South Asian culture and their passion for dance while bringing together the three dance styles. The BKB Executive Board wants to foster a fun and friendly environment where teams can come showcase their hard work and love for dance, while providing an exciting competition. The competition is set to take place on February 23, 2019 in Burruss Hall at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia.

~Be Part of the Trilogy~

Oak City Revolution: April 2nd!

This Saturday, the South-Asian socio-cultural organization at North Carolina State University, Ektaa, is organizing its annual premier event of the year. Oak City Revolution, powered by Saavn, is the first ever Bollywood-Fusion Dance Competition to be held in the city of Raleigh, North Carolina. EIGHT of the nation's best Bollywood-Fusion dance teams will compete in the newly renovated Stewart Theater in Talley Student Center on NC State University's campus!