CLT Pulse is North Carolina’s newest Bollywood-Fusion dance competition and it is here to make its mark! CLT Pulse was created in April 2018 for the purpose of supporting Safe Alliance, a local charity, whose goal is to raise awareness for those that are affected by domestic violence and abuse. Additionally, the founders, Tyriq Fitts, Stuti Joshi, and Riya Bhagat, wanted to create a chance for teams to experience an exciting performance weekend, for those teams that generally do not compete at larger competitions. They believe that Charlotte is the perfect Southeast hub to host a competition, which aspires to strengthen the culture of DDN. Join in on the fun at CLT Pulse on Saturday, March 16, 2019 at UNCC!


What do you believe will distinguish CLT Pulse as a unique competition, in comparison to others within the nation?

CLT Pulse aims to provide opportunities to teams that want to showcase their passion and talent for dance. There are numerous teams in the circuit that are unable to compete at more established competitions, for various reasons. Therefore, we want teams to be able to use this stage and have an enjoyable experience. As a first year competition, we strive to create an environment that conveys leadership, professionalism, security, and welcomeness. We also emphasize that competing dancers are our #1 priority, no matter the circumstances. We strongly believe that there is no competition weekend without the hard-working dancers that make the performances possible.

What goals does CLT Pulse hope to accomplish as a new competition?

One of our main goals is to raise money and awareness for Safe Alliance. All of our board members understand that they are working towards something bigger than themselves, in our community, and are willing to put the competition and teams first. Another goal of ours is to ensure that all competition participants fully enjoy their weekends and are safe at all times. This cannot be done without great time management, communication, and teamwork. These are all qualities that our board needs and has to make this a successful first competition.

What do you think are the biggest challenges within your circuit to host a successful competition?

The biggest challenge we face is staying true to our original motivations and goals for this competition. It is easy to become complacent and forget about your core values for a competition when you get a bit of success. We want to stay humble and motivated throughout the entire process leading up the date on March 16, 2019. We treat every week like it is competition week and remember that we are working on something bigger than ourselves.

How will CLT Pulse help foster bonding between teams?

The CLT Pulse board has respect for every team that makes this competition’s time commitment. We understand that it is not easy competing in this circuit and it is hard to maintain a level of consistency without continuous support and relationships. CLT Pulse aims to get teams to look past the competing aspect and just enjoy their passion of dance while making long lasting relationships.

What do you think is one team gift that is a must give?

Let us change it up a bit! We think socks and blankets are must gives!

Check Out CLT Pulse’s Hype Video Below!

Fun Facts and Social Media

Charlotte, known as the Queen City, is the biggest city in North Carolina.

Charlotte is home to UNCC’s premier bollywood fusion dance team, Queen City Ishaare.

Our board is composed of a diverse background of community leaders, passionate dancers, and culturally aware individuals, who strive to spread South Asian culture in the Charlotte area and throughout the Southeast.




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