Blacksburg Ki Badmaashi (BKB) is an intercollegiate dance competition that focuses on Bhangra, Fusion, and Raas. In April 2018, members of VT Bhangra, VT Junoon, and VT Dhamaal had a mutual desire to spread South Asian culture and their passion for dance while bringing together these dance styles. The BKB Executive Board wants to foster a fun and friendly environment where teams can come showcase their hard work and love for dance. The competition is set to take place on February 23, 2019 in Burruss Hall at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia.

~Be Part of the Trilogy~


What do you believe will distinguish BKB as a unique competition, in comparison to others within the nation?

BKB draws attention to the crowd by featuring three different dance styles during the weekend, which is rare to see amongst existing and established competitions. We hope this will set us apart and encourage teams to apply. We want to focus on hospitality and provide everyone with a comfortable and friendly vibe.

What goals does BKB hope to accomplish as a new competition?

BKB has two main goals. First, we aim to run a competition that fosters all three unique forms of dance and bring together people of all circuits and backgrounds. Second, we want to share our hokie pride with dancers all across the nation!

How will BKB help foster bonding between teams of various circuits?

One of our most exciting and anticipated events of the weekend is our team mixer. We have planned out activities that will allow dancers and teams of different circuits to network, participate, and appreciate the various dance forms presented later that weekend. We strive to be inclusive.

Describe the support that you have received from the Hokie community.

The Hokie community has once again shown an immense amount of support! Dance team captains and cultural organizations are all helping BKB with promotions, logistics, and fundraising to make sure the competition reaches its full potential. Working with the school’s administration, to book the events and venues, has also been very encouraging because everyone is excited to see a showcase of South Asian culture and talent.

What do you think is one team gift that is a must give?

At our team mixer event, we will have a photobooth with themed decorations. Our goal is to send each team back home with a framed picture of the their group from the photobooth as a gift from the competition. We believe that this is a long lasting memory that teams will appreciate.

What charity are you supporting and why?

BKB is a proud supporter of Pratham. Pratham USA is a non-governmental education organization that strives to ensure children in India are able to receive an education. Their motto and goal is "Every child in school and learning well.” Originally formed in 1995, Pratham has now expanded to include volunteers, teachers, organizations, and communities whom all strive to accomplish one dream - close the gaps in the education system. With their 15 chapters across the United States, Pratham aims to raise awareness and mobilize financial resources in order to combat the educational hardships that children face every day. Inspired by their efforts, we would like to contribute to Pratham USA and be part of the change that leads to a brighter future.

Check out the BKB 2019 Hype Video below!

Fun Facts and Social Media

This is our first year as a competition.

We are highlighting three styles of dance.

Community is an important part of the Hokie Nation. We would like to set up a large communication portal for all the dancers that come to the competition, so they can remain in contact long after the competition weekend.