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DDN Presents Legends

Dear members and supporters of Desi Dance Network,

I've received a lot of feedback, messages, questions about having Desi Dance Network head a Bollywood Fusion finals competition. In response to these inquiries, I, along with our Board of Directors have reached out to dancers/teams, judges, and competition organizers to gauge the necessity for a new Bollywood Fusion championship and what it would entail.</p>

Bhangra Blowout 23 Champions: CMU Bhangra

The D.C. area is known to all as the Nation’s Capital and Home of the President, but it is also recognized as one of the main attractions for music, dance, and culture. An established competition, which encompasses all of these passions, is non-other than Bhangra Blowout. This prestigious event is held every year and teams from all across the nation battle it out to be named “National Champions.” This year, CMU Bhangra was awarded this esteemed title and returned to their University, in Pittsburgh, as victors. CMU Bhangra, based at Carnegie Mellon, was established in 2006 and was originally created as a dance organization at the University. Their innovation and skills have proven to be unstoppable this past season.