Dear members and supporters of Desi Dance Network,

I've received a lot of feedback, messages, questions about having Desi Dance Network head a Bollywood Fusion finals competition. In response to these inquiries, I, along with our Board of Directors have reached out to dancers/teams, judges, and competition organizers to gauge the necessity for a new Bollywood Fusion championship and what it would entail.

We repeatedly found that this circuit defers into discussion (often about the same topics) anytime something goes wrong or when new ideas pop up. Often these discussions stay rooted in the ground and do not grow into solutions.

We saw value here. We noticed that while there are many competitions that are incredibly successful locally, and splendid talent scattered across the nations - there's been a disconnect in bringing it together. As a national organization, we not only work to strengthen local competitions/organizations whose mission and vision aligns with ours, but also to address issues and fill voids in order to foster further growth and evolution.

So, I'm truly excited to announce DDN's latest project: a championship competition set for Spring 2017 entitled Legends. Legends will be headed by two passionate and talented individuals: Ashish Yamdagni and Saloni Hemani. Both Directors were chosen carefully based on their experiences with competition organizing and continual dedication to growing and revolutionizing this community. Even in the initial planning, both Directors have shown extreme interest and proactivity in bringing the project together.

Desi Dance Network's tagline has always been "For Dancers, By Dancers." This project will be more than just a championship experience; we seek to create an experience of a lifetime.

Here's where you come in! We want to bring together the brightest minds for this. We want to make sure that the plans we make are made by people who have had experience and tenure within the circuit. We want to provide this circuit with not only the best competition, but also the best experience we can! In order for that happen, we'll need the best people on board.

Here's a link to our application: CLICK HERE
DUE June 15th, 2016 at 11:59PM PST.

At times, we will defer discussions and decisions to this large group to make sure we are giving you a voice in how you want this competition to play out. As we get our structure figured out, Ashish and Saloni will follow up with updates and some cool new things we're excited to show you!

Let's keep dancing.
Bryant Phan
CEO & Founder

More information about Legends here: Legends FAQs