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Competition Spotlight: Blacksburg Ki Badmaashi

Blacksburg Ki Badmaashi (BKB) is an intercollegiate dance competition that focuses on three Indian dance categories: Bhangra, Fusion, and Raas. In April 2018, members of VT Bhangra, VT Junoon, and VT Dhamaal had a mutual desire to spread South Asian culture and their passion for dance while bringing together the three dance styles. The BKB Executive Board wants to foster a fun and friendly environment where teams can come showcase their hard work and love for dance, while providing an exciting competition. The competition is set to take place on February 23, 2019 in Burruss Hall at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia.

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Team Spotlight: UVA Sharaara

This week’s DDN Spotlight shines on UVA Sharaara, the University of Virginia’s premiere, all-girls, Bollywood fusion dance team. Founded in 2002, this group of passionate dancers has been taking the country by storm while still spreading their love for Indian culture within their homebase of Charlottesville, Virginia. Sharaara prides itself on being an all-female team (who run the world? GIRLS.), and is determined to make their mark on the desi dance circuit this year. Captains, Mili Mittal and Dhara Patel give us a quick look into Sharaara’s dynamics and experiences as one of the oldest teams in the fusion circuit. We wish them the best of luck this season and can’t wait to see their performances! GET PUMPED UP!