Learn Bhangra, a dance and fitness company, was founded by Lavesh Pritmani and Sandeep Madhas in 2014. Ustaad Gurinderbir Chahal inspired and introduced Lavesh to the beautiful art of folk Bhangra. His ability to teach the technique, in a way that corresponded with everyday life, was incredible. Lavesh wanted to share the knowledge that was imparted on him, with the rest of the world, since no other resource existed at that time. Now, Learn Bhangra has expanded to include workshops, choreography, instructor certifications, and more!


What features can you find on the Learn Bhangra App? How do you plan to expand this platform?

The App teaches users the predominant folk steps of Bhangra in a systematic methodology, with the option to purchase workout videos as they progress. Additionally, we offer tutorials to many of our popular choreographies that are posted on social media. We plan to expand the platform by creating more shareability and social plug-ins with our "upload your video" feature. This will allow the bhangra dance community to be connected on a single platform through their video submissions. We also plan to go deeper into the fitness market later this year.

Learn Bhangra incorporates dance videos shot in countries all around the globe. Which location has been your favorite and why? Where are you most looking forward to visit?

One of the most unique cities I visited was Istanbul. It was absolutely breathtaking from an aesthetic and historical standpoint. The place where I am most looking forward of doing a workshop in is Brazil. I have been waiting for the opportunity to go back, because I am fascinated by Rio de Janeiro and I am a die-hard Brazilian soccer fan. Plus, the country of Brazil loves to dance!

What has been the biggest opportunity that Learn Bhangra has been presented with, in regards to dance performances?

Learn Bhangra was invited to Rio Olympics in 2016, to represent India's cultural delegation and perform at venues throughout the games. It was such an honor to be considered for this prestigious event.

What does Learn Bhangra hope to accomplish in the future?

We hope to continue spreading folk Bhangra to people, who have never been exposed to it, and to do more performances around the globe. We also want to show the benefits of doing Bhangra, with an emphasis on technique to achieve fitness results.

What has been the hardest part about managing Learn Bhangra? What has been the most rewarding part?

The most difficult part has been working with people all over the globe. Every morning, day, and night is involved with calls and meetings with our international ambassadors. However, the most rewarding part is getting to work with people of all different cultures who share one passion. Our trip to Bali is the perfect example of where eight of us from different countries came together to perform.

Throughout your videos, you incorporate various people to help teach Bhangra. Are these people members of your class or do you ask local dancers to help assist you?

We incorporate our certified instructors into our tutorials and classes globally, as they use our methodology and techniques to ensure a consistent teaching experience.

Check out an introduction to Learn Bhangra in the video below!

Fun Facts & Social Media

Our Fetty Wap 679 video went mega-viral, with 15M+ views. We even had a Buzzfeed article written about it!

We have over 25 team members, corporate and brand ambassadors, in over 10 countries around the world.

We got invited to perform at the Rio Olympics in 2016 and at a high-end wedding in Bali in 2017.





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