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Team Spotlight: RU Ehsaas

Rutgers University’s incredible fusion dance team, Ehsaas, was co-founded by Suchi Gulati and Chandni Patel towards the end of Spring 2009. They started performing on campus the following fall and finally started competing on the collegiate level in 2011. The reasons why they are so successful are because of their dedication and their ability to problem solve given any issue.

Artist Spotlight: G-tam

Gautamraj Murali, also known as Gautam and G-tam, is currently a graduate student at Purdue University. He has a masters degree in Industrial Engineering and chose this field because he was involved with supply chain managements, procurements, risk managements, and logistical work during his tenure as a quality engineer. His interest in process optimization and operations research also guided him towards that profession. After he graduates, he plans on entering the corporate world to pursue a career in managerial consulting or supply chain management. He also enjoys traveling, so any job that allows for that to happen would be ideal.