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Artist Spotlight: Saager Buch

Saager Buch, a rising junior, is currently a student at Arizona State University. He is working towards a degree in Economics because he is interested in trade and how globalization affects national economies. After he graduates, he wishes to pursue a career in international economics.

Artist Spotlight: Tej Sutariya

Tej Sutariya, also known as DJ Jet, is a junior at Plymouth High School. In the near future, he would love to attend the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and pursue a career in either business or medicine. He is intrigued by business because of his experience in running three companies, at the young age of 13! Tej is definitely a force to be reckoned with and is truly inspiring. He, eventually after college graduation, would like to open and manage his own consulting firm or clinic, depending on his major.

Humans of DDN: Neerali Patel

Neerali Patel, a graduate of N.C. State, received a B.S. in Biology and is now at UNC Chapel Hill for her Masters in Public Health. She chose this career path because she believed that Public Health gave her the opportunity to engage in various aspects of the medical profession, without being “right or wrong,” and because everything is equally relevant to people’s everyday lives and the planet. This field’s purpose drives her to change the world. Currently, she is interning at Carolinas Healthcare System's headquarters in Charlotte, with the Innovation Engine which is basically a small team that does strategic internal consulting for system. Besides dancing, she loves to spend time with my family and friends, write, and read/watch Harry Potter.

Humans of DDN: Amita Batra

Amita Batra, a student at UT Austin, is studying to become a mechanical engineer. She chose this major because she finds it interesting and allows her to continuously think outside of the box to solve problems. She also loves the fact that she is following in her father’s footsteps and can relate to his inspiring journey. This summer, she is currently interning for Chevron, in the downtown Houston office, and is working on a short film with her best friend. A few things to know about Amita is that she enjoys jamming out to music in her car, she sometimes pretends to be a superstar singer, and really likes cooking and plating dishes to look like pieces of art.

Artist Spotlight: Anand Lakshminarayan

Anand Lakshminarayan, alumnus of UC Berkeley, graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He chose this major because growing up he had a passion for video games, which naturally translated into interests in the computer science field. He strongly believes that nowadays software enables us to change every facet of society from education, transportation, communication, and obviously gaming so he really wanted to study it in college. He currently works as a Program Manager at Microsoft.