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Artist Spotlight: DJ Yabo

Arshdeep Singh Dhaliwal, a senior at Marquette University in Wisconsin, is currently double majoring in Finance and IT and is considering a minor in Biomedical Sciences. Upon graduation, he is planning on working full-time. As of the moment, he has a Finance based internship at Northwestern Mutual and has been offered a full-time position there. However, Arshdeep is looking to keep his options open, in order to explore opportunities where he can utilize his other degree.

Donation Spotlight: Vissagan Gopalakrishnan

Desi Dance Network Inc. is constantly amazed by the generosity and selflessness of members from the community. In collaboration with Vissagan Gopalakrishnan (VGo), we have set up a download donation link for his latest album Riyaaz. Any dollar amount would be greatly appreciated and would help DDN continue to spread the awareness of South Asian Performing Arts globally.

Project Spotlight: DDN Mixing Ladder Season 2

The best part about Desi Dance Network is that it has thousands of unique members that never stop doing what they are passionate about. They always push themselves to create new masterpieces--whether it is choreography or music. The Mix Ladder is a summer project that features some of the circuit’s most talented DJs. It gives them the creative freedom to make some of the best music our community has seen and allows everyone to see into their unique skill set.

Check out some of the most gifted DJs from Mixing Ladder- Season 2 below!

Artist Spotlight: Saager Buch

Saager Buch, a rising junior, is currently a student at Arizona State University. He is working towards a degree in Economics because he is interested in trade and how globalization affects national economies. After he graduates, he wishes to pursue a career in international economics.

Artist Spotlight: G-tam

Gautamraj Murali, also known as Gautam and G-tam, is currently a graduate student at Purdue University. He has a masters degree in Industrial Engineering and chose this field because he was involved with supply chain managements, procurements, risk managements, and logistical work during his tenure as a quality engineer. His interest in process optimization and operations research also guided him towards that profession. After he graduates, he plans on entering the corporate world to pursue a career in managerial consulting or supply chain management. He also enjoys traveling, so any job that allows for that to happen would be ideal.