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Artist Spotlight: Dilpreet Singh

Dilpreet Singh, also known as Dil, recently graduated from Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. He chose this major because he was fascinated by the biological sciences, especially the ones pertaining to human physiology and biochemistry. Dil is currently taking a gap year to engage in several medical-related research projects and to work at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Soon after, he plans on attending medical school.

Team Spotlight: The MOD Project

The Men Of Dance (MOD) Project is an independent team, based in Chicago, where all but a few of their members are from UIC. Several of the dancers were on various teams prior to joining The MOD Project. Some of these teams included Chicago Dhamaal (co-ed fusion), UIC Nazaara (co-ed bollywood), UIC Dangeraas, and Ministry of Bhangra. During the 2013-2014 season, some of the dancers, from these various teams, decided to get together and put on an all guys desi fusion performance at the annual India Night Show at UIC. What originally began as a fun showcase idea, in which they jokingly called their act "The Ministry Of Dhazaara," or MOD with a different meaning, had amazing feedback. The audience went wild and said it was very entertaining to watch. Combined, they all loved breaking out of their creative comfort zones and decided to ban together to officially compete in the circuit. They just finished their second competitive year, with a bang, by placing second at Bollywood America (or Nationals) and also receiving an award for the Best All Male Team of the Year.