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Team Spotlight

Team Spotlight: Kentucky Karana

Kentucky Karana, a Bollywood-Fusion team based out of the University of Kentucky, was established in 2016 by Chaitra Tirumalaraju, Monica Shah, and Sneha Rajan. It was created to provide an opportunity for students that are passionate about dance to become part of a competitive team, expose students to Indian culture and arts, bring together people of diverse backgrounds, and expand the arts community at the University of Kentucky.

Team Spotlight: Roarin' Raas

Roarin' Raas, a co-ed dance team from the University of Houston, was established in 2011 by Rakesh Patel and a few others. Rakesh Patel, a Gujarati, was very fond of the culture and the dance forms of Raas and Garba. After seeing other teams, such as Dirty South Dandiya and UMBC Raascals, he had a vision of creating a nationally competing Raas/Garba dance team from the University of Houston.

Team Spotlight: UT Jazba

UT Jazba, based at The University of Texas at Austin, was established in 2012 by Janvi Agarwal. Their unique style allows them to contribute amazing routines to the circuit and helps distinguish them from other UT teams.

Team Spotlight: UMBC Raascals

UMBC Raascals, based at the University of Maryland- Baltimore County, was established in 2004. With several nights of hard work, UMBC Raascals became a well known team throughout the Garba/Raas community and their perseverance led them to a second place win at the prestigious Raas Revolution in 2014. This team continues to amaze the dance community so keep your eyes open for more brilliant performances.

Team Spotlight: GW Raas

George Washington University is one of the most established colleges in the DMV area and is home to one of the oldest standing Raas teams, GW Raas. GW Raas was founded in 2001, by a group of passionate students who wanted to share the Gujarati culture through raas-garba. With their dedication and uniqueness, they are taking over the Raas circuit by storm.