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Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: Sidd Kelam

Siddarth Kelam, graduate of Georgia State University and SAE Institute of Technology, previously interned at the prestigious Bravo Ocean Studios, where he later became the studio manager. Soon after, he parted ways and started his own company “Sidd Kel Productions.” He currently produces music, consults with independent artists, and works as an audio engineer. He is also the Artistic Director of Kalaivani Dance Academy in Atlanta, Georgia.

Artist Spotlight: DJ Yabo

Arshdeep Singh Dhaliwal, a senior at Marquette University in Wisconsin, is currently double majoring in Finance and IT and is considering a minor in Biomedical Sciences. Upon graduation, he is planning on working full-time. As of the moment, he has a Finance based internship at Northwestern Mutual and has been offered a full-time position there. However, Arshdeep is looking to keep his options open, in order to explore opportunities where he can utilize his other degree.

Artist Spotlight: Dholi Ram

Ram Prasad Viswanathan, also known as Dholi Ram, graduated from Drexel University with a degree in Finance and a minor in History. He is currently a marketing consultant, working for an IT solutions provider, in the Greater DC area. Ram is also a part-time small business owner. He promotes his company “Dholi Ram” by performing at weddings, government events, corporate functions, fundraisers, and more, all over the world. Additionally, he is the business development director for Learn Bhangra (LB) and manages both the North American and South American markets.

Artist Spotlight: Jaskarn Singh Darad

Jaskarn Singh Darad, an undergrad at York University, is working towards completing his degree in order to become a professor for Social Science. He believes that his past experiences, with handling students, have given him the skills to understand them and their needs, thus providing him a solid basis for teaching. He enjoys watching students grow into mature individuals with personalities that inspire others and that aim to create a positive environment whenever they go. Currently, he works for a dance academy called Nachdi Jawani. It is an established institution, with over ten years of experience, that produces dancers that are well versed in executing bhangra technique and are professional dance trainers that continue to promote the culture all throughout North America.

Artist Spotlight: Ishita Mili

Ishita Bhattacharya, also known as Ishita Mili, is currently pursuing a Masters of Business and Science degree at Rutgers University. She spent most of this past year restructuring her life, because she decided against medical school and wanted to pursue a degree that would enhance her goal of combining and meshing multiple fields. In academics, this meant bringing art and technology to science. In performing arts, this meant intertwining business and dance together. Ishita wants to keep her future open, in order to follower her interests wherever they may lead her.