Naiem Reza, also known as Nemo, is a multi-talented poet, DJ, and musician attending the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Majoring in health administration and policy, Naiem is passionate and curious about different methods of innovating health systems in impoverished areas. Recently, he has been working on ways to incorporate philanthropy with art and has applied that to his latest single “Bliss.” After he graduates, he plans to take a few gap years, as well as continuing to compose music and other art projects on the side, before pursuing a Masters in Public Health.


What are your interests/hobbies and what makes you passionate about them? How did you get into them?
I love composing and writing poetry. I started off playing clarinet and guitar when I was young, and eventually went into deejaying and music production. It's like entering a different dimension when you learn how to fully appreciate any kind of art. Recently, I have been composing more ambient music that is made to accompany the listeners' surroundings.

What projects have you been working on lately?
A few months ago, I finished up my single with Yash Raj Films Studio! It's called "Bliss” and it features Penn Masala, Kavita Seth, and Raginder Momi. It's my first album single and it's all for charity. In the past few weeks, I have also been finishing up the music video with several incredibly talented dance teams.

How did you get involved in the circuit?
I really got involved in the circuit when I started the music video. The video features Maryland Dhoom, Mason Ke Rang, Maryland Moksha, UMBC Adaa, Srimix, Trisha Miglani, Anjali Mehta and many more. Srihari told me about DDN and I was completely fascinated with the amount of love and opportunity the circuit holds for musicians like me. I also have two really awesome raas mixes releasing next year that I have been finishing for some incredibly talented teams.

I think my first breakthrough with dance music had to be with the UK rapper Raxstar. Raxstar, Soulection's Chris McClenney, and myself collaborated on a fusion trap song titled "Elephants" and was contacted by BBC Radio for air play. It was really awesome and that is when I realized how important dance music is.

What has been your favorite moment so far? What are you most excited for?
My favorite moment has to be releasing my single “Bliss." Doing all of this at the age of 21 and as a non-profit philanthropy project was incredibly hard to pull of. A big thanks to Yash Raj Films, Penn Masala, Kavita Ji, Raginder Momi, Times of India, and the Student Association for India's Development for making this happen. I can't wait to release the video!

I am also really excited about my next single. It has a lot of unreal talent in it. It is around 7 minutes. I hope everyone is excited!

Please list 3 fun facts about you.
  • I love potatoes. They are my favorite food.
  • I am obsessed with hiking and long romantic walks to my fridge.
  • I have an album releasing next year!

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