Srihari, The Renaissance Man

Born in California and raised in Wyoming, Srihari Sritharan (better known as Dr. Srimix) is currently a fourth year graduate student at University of Pennsylvania after receiving his undergraduate degree from Brown University. He is studying neuro-engineering and pursuing his interests in working with devices involving brain-computer combined interfaces.

He joined the Desi Dance circuit as an undergraduate at Brown University, where he was a member of their South Asian dance team, Brown Badmaash. Although he joined the Desi Dance circuit as a dancer, he has been creating mixes and mashups for teams. He is an extremely talented DJ and producer who blends South Asian music with Western influences. He is revered as one of the best DJ’s in the Bollywood-Fusion Dance Circuit and has won awards at various competitions including "Best Mix" at Bollywood America in 2014 for his Broad Street Baadshahz mix. This past year, Dr. Srimix was awarded the Desi Dance Network Best DJ & Producer award. Since then, he continues to shake up the circuit by producing mixtapes, albums, and fresh mashups with incredible vocalists such as Jai Matt and Aditya Rao. He takes pride in all the mixes he has created for various fusion teams, as he should.

Although he is widely known for his music, he is also a brilliant dancer. Specializing in Bhangra and South Indian dances, Dr. Srimix continues to amaze the crowd with his versatility. He danced for Brown Badmaash, Brown University’s South Asian dance team during undergraduate and eventually becoming their captain in his senior year. He has since then also danced and competed with Univeristy of Pennsylvania’s Penn Dhamaka and Philadelphia's Broad Street Baadshahz. Although his competition days in the Desi dance circuit is over, he is continuing to pursue his passion in dance as a member of the Bollywood Fusion's alumni team- Aluminati. His favorite dance experience was his senior year’s performance at Phillyfest because “It was a blast performing to a loud, full audience and it was the culmination of a lot of work between my friends and I.”

From being an award winning DJ and Producer to developing biomedical devices, Srihari is truly “The Renaissance Man.”

Three Fun Facts:
  1. He loves learning new languages because it allows him to explore a different world of cultures.
  2. He is not actually Indian by origin; both of his parents are from Sri Lanka.
  3. Even though he is really tall, he is horrible at basketball.

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